Have Folk, Will Rock

by Raggedy Edge

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Have Folk, Will Rock combines the best of Raggedy Edge's folk and rock traditions, with several genres in between. Country, blues, bluegrass, world, and adult contemporary share centerstage with the duo's writing.

The arrangement of the songs on the album is "very cohesive and flows well": Juliet Fromholt, WYSO Radio, Yellow Springs, OH

"The recording quality is good, everything is appropriately audible and the arrangements are open/airy where appropriate, denser in other spots (Still in Love With You, Samoa). Vocal arrangements were good to very spiffy in a couple of spots, Bob’s playing is its usual amazing hotshot stuff but without being overbearing or slipping into cliché." Tom Armbruster, Senescent Musician/Singer-songwriter/4th class Thaumaturge.

"I know we have this CD around here somewhere." The Weez, KZYR Radio, Vail, CO


released October 18, 2019

Produced, written, recorded, mastered by Raggedy Edge:
Bob Farley, guitars, mandolin, harmonica, vocals
Lynn Perdzock, vocals, guitars, mandolin


all rights reserved



Raggedy Edge Dayton, Ohio

eclectic melodic gregarious personal harmonious universal
Folk Music w/an Edge
Rock Music w/a Vibe


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Track Name: I'm Still in Love with You
When I look at my phone
And I see what's going on
in the world today
Should I laugh or should I cry
Or wonder who what when and why
it ever got this way
What can two more people do
When living life feels like a zoo
Do we close up shop or open a door?
In a world where more or less
Is masquerading as the best
There is one thing I know for sure
I’m still in love with you, I keep following my heart
That’s always been the truth, And I knew from the start
That we could make it over any hurdles in our way
I’ll always keep you closer, so that you can hear me say
I’m still in love with you
The world can always change
We could all be rearranged
when someone draws a line
As long as seasons dance their dance
And we can harvest what we plant
Just gotta keep in mind
There's always somewhere we can fly
Before another day goes by
And we take another try at this game
I may have blundered down this path
But when I look back
One thing has always stayed the same
I want to make this chance you took with me be the one
Take us to the place where we can follow the sun
I want to make this chance you took with me be the one
Take us to the place where we can follow the sun
Track Name: Those Lovely Dreams
In my dreams I've seen you in the movies,
In technicolor on the silver screen
Storyline always seems to elude me
Because you steal every scene

With a sense of elegance in a world of disarray
You are there in the moment those lovely dreams take me away
We dance like Fred and Ginger in a Broadway play
When those lovely dreams take me away

In my dreams we’re flying in the moonlight
Like Peter Pan we’re sailing through the sky
The wind is like a river in the midnight
Somehow we just know that we can fly

Track Name: Watch the Stars
In my younger days, we’d set the telescope out on the ground
Gaze up at the Milky Way and the planets all around
We knew the names of stars and moons and where they could be found

We could watch the stars, as the heavens turn around us
We could make them ours, till our dreams come home to find us
We could watch how far, trails are burning across the sky
We could be a part… of their never-ending night
We could watch the stars

Nowadays our cities send a haze into the night
Hard to find a place to be where the skies are not so bright
Got to get into the wilderness to see all the starlight (so)

Civilized and primitive have got to learn to share
Before the world is emptied of its water, soil, and air
We can save the planet, there’s enough of us who care

We could watch the stars, as the heavens turn around us
We could make them ours, till our dreams come home to find us
We could watch how far, trails are burning across the sky
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
We could be a part, of their never-ending night
(ohhhhhh oh)
We could watch the stars (watch the stars) x4

(Alternate lyric)
An earthquake shook the ground and LA lost its city lights
The people cried ‘what’s in the sky, mysterious and bright?’
They had seen the Milky Way for the first time in their lives (Now)
Track Name: Never Felt Lonely
I never felt lonely as I do now that you're gone
I've never been so lost, so mystified so all alone
What can I do to make you turn around and come back home to me

I never felt lonely I never felt lonely
I never felt lonely till you were gone

Now you're gone and I'm so empty, nothing left inside
How long will I be looking at the world through the tears that fill my eyes
Will I see another sunset turn into midnight skies with you

I never felt lonely I never felt lonely
I never felt lonely till you were gone (till you were gone)

I must have been blind I could not see
Something that you couldn't see in me
This ain't the way it was supposed to be
I never felt lonely

I never felt lonely, I never felt lonely
I never felt lonely till you were gone (I never been hungry)

I'd never been hungry for love till I wanted you
Never knew how to be part of anything that felt so new
Talking to you I found it was easy to be true and yet so
Complicated knowing it could fall apart with one wrong word

I never felt lonely, I never felt lonely
I never felt lonely till you were gone

Till you were gone, No I never felt lonely,
Till you were gone, Never felt lonely,
Till you were gone
I never felt lonely
Track Name: Putting Our Hearts Together
Like a scene from the boulevard of coffee beans
You drank your java with a lot of creamer
Your voice was mocha latte and I was just a screamer who
Had a couple thoughts about fixing our downtown blues (by)

Putting our hearts together,
Putting our hearts together
Putting our hearts together making one from two

Taking our time, asking questions
Looking at life from ALL directions
Picking the best ones to see the journey through
And the more we talk about it, the easier it is to do

Just like me your heart was broken
Trusting in love again was gonna take some time
And now that our paths are going
With the same destination on our mind
And with a love that’s true, we’ll be
Putting our hearts together making one from two
Putting our hearts together
Track Name: In Texas-2019 remaster
Had to go and find wide open spaces
Count the stars beneath the western skies
In the desert, you were my oasis
On the mountain you gave me wings to fly

I can’t wait to see you in the morning
Holding hands and sharing dreams come true
You might be surprised to hear the way my heart beats when you’re near
And how much I enjoy just holding ….

You…'Cause when we turn around
Somewhere else or homeward bound
Happy that we're still around to live our dream come true
And here we are in Texas where I fell in love with you

Crossing half an ocean just to find you
Making waves as high as mountain tops
Seize the day, and that way will unwind you
Let it play, the song need never stop

I know we’ll be together when we’re older
Wearing cowboy boots and singing songs
I tip my cowboy hat, you shrug your shoulders
Glad we got a road to get along
Track Name: Samoa-radio mix
If you make it to Samoa
Better have your swimming shoes on
Next time that you wake up in Samoa
Don't be surprised to find the island gone

It won't take long to bring the mountain down
Floating through the underbrush to get yourself to town
By tomorrow the ocean front be lapping at your door
Gonna find there is no place to lay your head no more

In Samoa

Can you take me to Samoa
I've been waiting for the plane
Need to find myself in Samoa
Before it's gone, I hope you understand

Cost you an arm and a leg
And you might have to lend an ear
To find out how to just get near...Samoa
Might have to scrimp and beg
And the cost might be too dear
But I'd do it all to just get near Samoa

Let's make plans to meet up in Samoa
I hear it's nice any time of year
Set up our beach chairs on the shore
Sit back and watch the island disappear
Track Name: All My Dreams-2019 remix
If our paths should never cross again
That is something I could never stand
And if love should scatter into the wind
It would come back again in the end ...'cause

All my dreams are wrapped up in your smile
It's okay if it takes a while for you to believe
You are my dream come true --
All my dreams are wrapped up in you
All my dreams, baby, they're wrapped up in you

I could never watch you walk away
I had to stop and say whatever I could
To find out where you are to walk you to your car
To play you songs on my guitar
A moment etched upon my brain
When you remembered my name
Nothing ever was the same -- Too much to lose and everything to gain
My heart flew because it knew
Track Name: One Mic-2019 remaster
Back in the day
We’d gather round a microphone and play
Play our songs
Ones we knew and others that we’d practice all night long
Going strong

||:Dancin’ around that one mic, dancin’ around that one mic to play:||

Hear the sound
Harmonies that soared up to the clouds
Lay it down and
Feel like we’d be right back on the mountain
Going strong

Fiddle, banjo, mandolin, high notes carried in the wind
Guitar, doghouse bass complete the sound
Horsehair bows and metal slides, fingers, picks, strings of wire
Harmonies and dobro turn-arounds

Take your break
Play the notes you know, make no mistake
Lay'em down and
Feel like we’d be right back on the mountain
Going strong
Track Name: Before the Fall-Radio mix
As I look around and feel like this is home
What will I hold on to in the days when I am gone
Though I know that spirit never dies
And we're forever, you and I
I sometimes can't imagine moving on

Take me to that place again
Where you and I danced in the wind
Tell me stories of the days before the fall
[I don't think I remember them at all] [That's how we remember them at all]

When we were young, and the world was old
All the stories, we heard them told
Sitting round the fire in the night
Searching for the answers in the light
To the secrets we might see unfold

When we were old and the world was young
And all the stories, we heard them sung
The moon can dim the starshine in the night
And even though the end might be in sight
It's clear to see the story's just begun
Track Name: Melancholy Days-2019 remaster
It's a horse back ride
In a forest glade
Through a covered bridge
Over a stream to wade across
It's a merry go round
In a wedding gown

Mist floats off the water
Bringing life into the trees
Dew falls softly on the flowers
Nectar kissed by bees
We do remember these

These Melancholy Days
With you don't go away
These Melancholy Days
With me

It's a complicated
That leaves us here
With second chances to dwell on
It's a promise to keep
No one can see 'til it's gone
Track Name: Pencil, Paper, Poems & Prose
If you're careful with the things you choose
You can get through the day without blowing a fuse
Keep an open mind, but not too
Know what it is you let and don't let through

What I need the most, prayer and the Holy Ghost
Couple of guitars, some clothes
Pencil, Paper, Poems, and Prose

Dreams can fly and words can disappear
Nothing often comes from hope and fear
It's all too true you got to work to win
Do it right or do it all again

Go where you want and do what you want to do
How you go about it's up to you
High road, low road, ride, crawl or walk or run
Punch your ticket when the journey's done
Track Name: Here We Are-2019 remaster
I woke up, it was sunny
Then the clouds took over, funny
How it didn’t take so long for the rain to keep on falling

Running through the wilderness
We cry out and bang our chest
And wonder that we never take for granted why we love

So here we are
Good to be here
Good to see you now
Here we are
Holding on to right now
We’ve come so far
Here we are
Good to be here
Good to see you now
Here we are
Holding on to right now, here we are

Morning filled with lightning flashing
But soon enough the sun was casting
Shadows on the wall, outlines of our heads together

As we studied one another
Slowly smiles began to flutter
Back and forth, we knew this was a good day to be here

Fell asleep to distant thunder
Dreams were filled with awe and wonder
Flying through the days and nights and places we could be

Pitching pennies in a fountain
Quarter moon climbs up a mountain
Shining on the wishes that we've dreamed of coming true

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