Where You Want To Be

by Raggedy Edge

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Lynn and Bob follow their hearts again through songs that get them ever closer to "their" sound, something like Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, James Taylor and Norah Jones, telling stories that hit home, are real, and bring you to your own raggedy edge of awareness that the world is not such a bad place to be in.


released November 25, 2016

Recorded in various locations in Dayton, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; and Hurricane, Utah.


all rights reserved



Raggedy Edge Dayton, Ohio

eclectic melodic gregarious personal harmonious universal
Folk Music w/an Edge
Rock Music w/a Vibe


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Track Name: Shaky Town
My old friend in Shaky Town
Could not lay the bottle down
So I told him I’d become concerned
Knowing I cared helped him try
To rise above the raging tide
Took a little time but now he’s learned

See yourself where you want to be
See yourself, let the moment set you free
When you reach for somewhere else
You’ll be there when you can see yourself

Knew a man in Guinness Port
Could not sleep because he snored
So he stayed up nights and slept the days
Noises on the streets in town
Helped him keep the volume down
Of the sound his noisy nostrils made

A woman from a northern clime
Left her laundry on the line
Came a snowstorm blind and whited out
When I said let’s bring it in
She said leave it till the spring
And by then it should be thawed out

The enemy we knew the least
Never gave us any peace
Even if we turned a cheek and left
By the time we figured out
What his bluster was about
He had gone and we had passed the test
Track Name: Boom-A-Diddy (If I Had You)
Taking a stroll through my hometown
Feeling the sun come shining down
Pretty nice day to take a walk
Maybe stop and have a talk

These are days I wouldn’t trade
But if I had you I’d really have it made

Try to work hard but I don’t get far
All I want to do is play guitar
Shirt on my back, shoes on my feet
No bomb craters on my street

Black cat crossing the road ahead
Was going straight think I’ll take a turn instead
Gotta stop holding onto taboos
That let a cat tell me which road to choose

Got to make sure we stay ahead
Of everything everybody everywhere said
We got WiFi, television, radio
When something happens, we should be the first to know

My to-do list has lots to do
But it doesn’t give me quite enough time with you
Laying out a plan to right that wrong
I need to take my time but that just takes too long
Track Name: Mountains of Lace
Each time my love goes to the iron ore mine
I fear for his life, but he says he'll be fine
He laughs at my tears, he laughs at my plan
I'm gonna make mountains of lace to pay the company men
I'll sell my lace, with lace I'll pay

Mountains of lace, not mountains of ore
Mountains of lace pay the company men
He'll work the iron mountain no more
Into its darkness, no longer descend

I sell my lace, my love doesn't know
And from dimes to dollars my savings grow
At the company store I pay off our note
My heart's filled to bursting I'm so filled with hope
I paid the note! I paid the note!

The joy is short-lived it turns into fear
The mine has collapsed, alarms fill my ears

A day and night pass as we all pray as one
For our husbands and brothers, fathers and sons
We pray for husbands, we pray for sons

Hallelujah I hear they've rescued the men
I cry tears of joy and tell my love what I've done
Sold mountains of lace you won't mine again
Now you can work under blue skies and sun
Track Name: Fireworks
Her shorts were blue, her blouse was white
Her boots were red and they fit just right
Her legs were long, her eyes could spark a fire

She was way too hot for me to be too patient
Tried to play it cool while I made the acquaintance
Of a cowboy’s dream, a queen of my heart’s desire (‘Cause she was)

In like a lamb, out like a lion
Stuck around like a porcupine
Marched on my heart like a band on the Fourth of July
Felt so good when her hand touched mine
Sent shivers up and down my spine
Like fireworks in the night on the Fourth of July

2. She was shuffling and dancing to the band
I was ready to be her man
But I got a big surprise when I made that pass

She turned around and ran like a world class sprinter
I don’t know what earth got in her
To make her want to get away from me so fast (‘Cause she was)

Finally tracked her down
Clear on the other side of town

3. She said she’d broken up a week ago
Her head wasn’t ready to let her heart go
Said she was glad to meet me but fearing getting burned again

Funny how the only thing I heard her say
Was she was glad to meet me, so I thought I’d stay
She said give her some time and she might fall in love again, but she was…
Track Name: Life Should Be So Easy
Mixing up a bowl of gruel
Serve it hot or serve it cool
Both the wise man and the fool
Need their energy

If I get some exercise
After half a million fries
Maybe I could synthesize
Some muscularity

Life should be so easy
Life should be so deep
Kinda makes me queasy
Seeing all I keep
But what if all I had was
Taken by the wind
Maybe that would be a
Good place for me to begin

It’s hard to tell or comprehend
Smoke signals sent in the wind
One’s beginning’s another’s end
Depending where you are

We seek nothing more than less
Than to fill the emptiness
With the answers we like best
Written in the stars

I’m not one to prophesy
I don’t know when to sell or buy
Do or not there is no try
Turn around and see why

If I found a compound knot
Could I solve it on the spot
Do you think I’d have a shot
Or would I lose my dignity?

Get it right or get it wrong
Set your sights and don’t take long
Day is night and night is gone
And time is never free
Track Name: Love Again
You've made a change
And I feel replaced
There's too much and not enough
Time and Space
And I know
I've got to let you go

I want you to smile again
And I want you to laugh again
And I want you to love again
Like I know you can
Like I know you can

I search the past
The memories that last
Wonder what future might come to pass
And I know
I've got to let it go

It's not a thing
To be undone
There was still some love
But it was not enough
And I know
I've got to let you go
Track Name: Wrong and Right
The snow has melted and it looks like rain
Reflecting lights that shine down on the lane
My heart’s dissolving like those banks of white
And running down your face are tears of wrong and right

I’m calling out, You hear me shout
I’m not about waiting till the night falls through
For you to see the travesty
That I should leave based solely on wrong and right

There’s something here that is forever bound
Why do we have to turn it upside down
Keep moving forward through tomorrow’s door
And catch the dream about what we’ve been fighting for

To build this up we have to stay
All falls down when you run away
Right and wrong, two extremes
Don’t belong in your dreams
In the middle, shades of gray
Moon and sun, night and day
No use in breaking bad
That’s how we lose all we had
Fear of loss, fear of finding
Feeling like your heart’s unwinding
I will love you through it all
Beside you, never fall
Winter, spring, and summer coming
You want to believe in someone
Add it up and write the sum
between the lines of wrong and right

Cars are rolling over streets of rust
Life is calling to do what you must
We’ve given up enough, our time is here
It’s time to turn around and face down our only fear
Track Name: What Planet Am I On?
Sometimes I feel like I'm
Somewhere I've never been
Like being out of time
In a different now and then
Want to clear my mind
Of this rushing like a wind
Moving like some kind
Of an Asgard alien

Oh oh oh
What Planet Am I On?

Walking down a street
Sand between my toes
Following my feet
Until the path erodes
People that I meet
But whom nobody knows
Saying something sweet
Except it's all in code

Oh oh oh
What planet am I on?

Time to wake up
Where we are
Track Name: Vagabond Holiday
Turning around, getting away
Leaving the blues for another day
We’re gonna hold on, push on through
Spidery web in the corner of the town
Open the door and let the spirit out
We’re gonna hold on like we always do

Lovin’ this town, we’ll come back another day
Heading out on a Vagabond Holiday

Pulling into a new hotel, maybe one with a window where
We can wake up and gaze out at the stars
Or listen to the surf come crashing in
Awaken to the birds in the morning
Or listen to the wind, playing my guitar

The more we look, the more we find
Staying ahead of what we left behind
Isn’t always the easiest thing to do
Dropping anchor for a while
Trading a song and a country mile
Biting off a little bit more to chew

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