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The Workshop is where we share more of our creative processes with folks who want to be involved in helping to support our music.

We'll be scheduling Workshop-member-only concerts and discussions, offering special items for sale or give-away, and gathering ideas from all who care to share them.

We appreciate all the folks who have supported our musical efforts through the years. Music brings happiness to our lives, and sharing that with you multiplies it many times over.

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    Producer Level =
    > Be listed on one CD a year as a co-producer. Names will go on the CD cover, on a web page, and on our social sites.
    > Receive 3 CDs or Thumb Drives (still up in the air over format, but some kind of physical thing to hold onto) of the album(s) you are listed as co-producer on.
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Raggedy Edge
Dayton, Ohio
eclectic melodic gregarious personal harmonious universal
Folk Music w/an Edge
Rock Music w/a Vibe

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