Bring the Mountain Down

by Raggedy Edge

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Welcome to our first EP! Four songs of some social import, and an instrumental version that you can sing your own lyrics to, perhaps.


released March 9, 2017

Bob Farley, guitar, ukulele, vocals, percussion programming
Lynn Perdzock, guitar, vocals, percussion


all rights reserved



Raggedy Edge Dayton, Ohio

eclectic melodic gregarious personal harmonious universal
Folk Music w/an Edge
Rock Music w/a Vibe


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Track Name: Samoa
Won't take long to bring the mountain down
Floating through the underbrush to get yourself to town
By tomorrow the ocean front be lapping at your door
Gonna find there is no place to lay your head no Samoa

If you make it to Samoa
Better have your swimming shoes on
Next time that you wake up in Samoa
Don't be surprised to find the island gone

Can you take me to Samoa
I've been waiting for the plane
Need to find myself in Samoa
Before it's gone, I hope you understand

Cost you an arm and a leg
And you might have to lend an ear
To find out how to just get near Samoa
Might have to scrimp and beg
And the cost might be too dear
But I'd do it all to just get near Samoa

Let's make plans to meet up in Samoa
I hear it's nice any time of year
Set up our beach chairs on the shore
Sit back and watch the island disappear
Track Name: Here We Are
Woke up, it was sunny
Then the clouds took over, funny
How it didn't take so long
For the rain to keep on falling

Running through the wilderness
We cry out and bang our chest
And wonder that we never take for granted
Why we love

Here we are, good to be here, good to see you now
Here we are, holding on to right now, we've come so far
Here we are, good to be here, good to see you now
Here we are, holding on to right now, here we are

Morning filled with lightning flashing
Soon enough the sun was casting
Shadows on the wall outlines of our heads together

As we studied one another
Slowly smiles began to flutter
Back and forth we knew this was a good day to be here

Fell asleep to distant thunder
Dreams were filled with awe and wonder
Flying through the days and nights and places we could be

Pitching pennies in the fountain
Quarter moon climbs up the mountain
Shining on the wishes that we dreamed of coming true
Track Name: Tarahumara Run
Tribe of runners, racing in bare feet
Miles through the desert, drawn to the drum beat
Hearts pound with the music of a nation
Painted bodies dance in celebration, painted bodies dance

Copper Canyon, rich with bird song
A burro's bell jingles all day long
To live a simple life beneath the sun
Tarahumara, Tarahumara run

Wrinkled hands weave baskets of fibers
Aging eyes scan for moneyed buyers
A dark-haired child learns the art
She needs Abuela's help to start
She needs Grandma's help

Some of the kids learn ABCs and math
In Nike's T-shirt, they blaze a new path
Into the future they don't need the past
The old ways won't last, the old ways won't last

Artisans sell baskets and rugs
Across the road get plastic scorpions
To get a picture throw candy to the young
Unaware of the harm being done

Is the price too steep to pay?
A way of life slipping away
But who's to say that progress is bad
It's hard hauling water from the river by hand
It's hard hauling water from the river
Track Name: Before the Fall
As I look around and feel like this is home
What will I hold onto in the days when I am gone
Though I know the spirit never dies
And we're forever you and I
I sometimes can't imagine moving on

Take me to that place again
Where you and I danced in the wind
Tell me stories of the days before the fall
I don't think I remember them at all

When you were young and the world was old
All the stories, we heard them told
Sitting round the fire in the night
Searching for the answers in the light
To the questions we might see unfold

Take me to that place again
Where you and I danced in the wind
Tell me stories of the days before the fall
That's how we remember them at all

When we were old and the world was young
All the stories, we heard them sung
The moon can dim the starshine in the night
And even though the end may be in sight
It's clear to see the story's just begun

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