All My Dreams

by Raggedy Edge

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If our paths should never cross again That is something I could never stand And if love should scatter into the wind It would come back again in the end ...'cause CHORUS All my dreams are wrapped up in your smile It's okay if it takes a while for you to believe You are my dream come true -- All my dreams are wrapped up in you All my dreams, baby, they're wrapped up in you VERSE I could never watch you walk away I had to stop and say whatever I could To find out where you are to walk you to your car To play you songs on my guitar A moment etched upon my brain When you remembered my name Nothing ever was the same -- Too much to lose and everything to gain My heart flew because it knew CHORUS
In Texas 02:55
Had to go and find wide open spaces Count the stars beneath the western skies In the desert, you were my oasis On the mountain you gave me wings to fly I can’t wait to see you in the morning Holding hands and sharing dreams come true You might be surprised to hear the way my heart beats when you’re near And how much I enjoy just holding you CHORUS 'Cause when we turn around Somewhere else or homeward bound Happy that we're still around to live our dream come true And here we are in Texas where I fell in love with you Crossing half an ocean just to find you Making waves as high as mountain tops Seize the day, and that way will unwind you Let it play, the song need never stop I know we’ll be together when we’re older Wearing cowboy boots and singing songs I tip my cowboy hat, you shrug your shoulders Glad we got a road to get along CHORUS
It's a horse back ride In a forest glade Through a covered bridge Over a stream to wade across D chords It's a merry go round In a wedding gown Like butterflies wake in the morning Open wings to catch the beams Of the sunlight shining on them Through the rustle of the breeze We do remember these REFRAIN These Melancholy Days With you don't go away These Melancholy Days With me VERSE 2 It's a complicated Circumstance That leaves us here With second chances to dwell on It's a promise to keep No one can see 'til it's gone Like mist floats off the water Bringing life into the trees Dew falls softly on the flowers Nectar kissed by bees We do remember these
One Mic 03:25
Back in the day We’d gather round a microphone and play Play our songs Ones we knew and others that we’d practice all night long Going strong CHORUS: ||:Dancin’ around that one mic, dancin’ around that one mic to play:|| Hear the sound Harmonies that soared up to the clouds Lay it down and Feel like we’d be right back on the mountain Going strong CHORUS BRIDGE Mandolin cuts through the air, fiddle and banjo always there Guitars, dobros, bass could all be found Get the loudest sound you could, fingers, plectrum, wire and wood Horse-haired bows and metal slides abound CHORUS Take your break Play the notes you know, make no mistake Lay'em down and Feel like we’d be right back on the mountain Going strong CHORUS


This is Raggedy Edge's second EP for 2017. Four freshly minted tunes from adult contemporary to alt-rock to soft pop to peppy bluegrass. Enjoy!


released July 29, 2017

All songs written and performed by Lewis Bob Farley and Lynn Nicolas Perdzock.


all rights reserved



Raggedy Edge Tucson, Arizona

eclectic melodic gregarious personal harmonious universal
Folk Music w/an Edge
Rock Music w/a Vibe

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